People are going to die. I can’t let that happen

"Satisfaction is not in my nature."
—“Surrender is not in mine.”

I really meant that, yeah! :D Just going to be your supportive anon friend that pops up from time to time. ― Anonymous

awWWWW shucks that is too sweet UR NOT ALLOWED TO BE THIS SWEET

ok well that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside i would give u soup if i could over the internet <3 but anyway THANK YOU 

Have you had interactions with Peter Capaldi?
No the first time I saw him was when he walked into the studio. It was really light outside and really dark in the studio.

Use your power. Bring us together. Guide us, lead us. Storm, Scott, Jean… remember those names. There are so many of us. We will need you, professor.

"Bubbly personality masking bossy control freak."